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Tip Master 6-in-1 Tip Tool


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This Multi-Purpose tool is all you will ever need to for tip maintenance.

The TipMaster features:

  • Dime Shaper: Shapes and scuffs your tip to a perfect dime (9.1mm) radius.
  • Nickel Shaper: Shapes and scuffs your tip to a perfect nickel (10.5mm) radius.
  • Tip Pick: Uses needle-like points to poke deep holes in your cue tip for maximum chalk retention.
  • Tip Burnisher: Hardens and polishes the sides of your tip flush with the ferrule.
  • Tip Scuffer: Roughens your tip to increase your it's grip on chalk and prevent miscues.
  • Tip Tapper: Creates pockets and scuffs on your tip's surface for better chalk absorption and can also be used to scuff a badly glazed tip.

The TipMaster packs all of these tools into a 3 inch long tool, so it fits perfectly in your cue case or pants pocket.
Available Colors: Blue, Green, Silver, and Hot Pink.
A set of replacement abrasive pads are also included.