All of our pool cue repairs and services are performed by Scott Carpenter, founder of Southern Billiards, Inc. We are one of the largest pool cue repair and service providers in the Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area. Our services include standard leather and layered leather retips, custom wraps, shaft cleaning, tip and ferrule repair, refinishing, dent repair, taper work and more. Below is a list of our standard pool cue repair pricing. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions. 

Standard Leather Tips (Pricing Includes Installation)

Le Pro (Medium) $10
Triangle (Medium, Hard) $10
Elk Master (Soft) $10
Triumph (Medium) $10
Sumo (Medium) $10
Royal Oak (Medium) $10
Water Buffalo (Extra Hard) $15
Layered Leather Tips (Pricing Includes Installation)  
Pigskin Pro (Medium) $20
Super Pro Red (Medium) $25
Apus 3 (Medium) $25
Tiger (Soft, Medium, Hard) $30
Hercules (Medium, Hard) $30
Razorback (Medium) $30
Talisman (Soft, Medium, Hard) $30
Regal (Medium) $30
Everest (Medium) $30
Sniper (Soft, Medium) $40
Moori (Soft, Medium, Hard) $45
Kamui (Soft, Medium-Soft, Medium, Hard) $55
Kamui Black (Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard) $55
Water Buffalo (Extra Hard) $15
Phenolic Resin Ferrule & Tip Combos  $50
Other Services  
Install Customer's Tip (Purchased Elsewhere)  $10 ($15 if layered)
Clean Ferrule & Re-work Tip $5
Clean, Seal & Wax Shaft $25
Deluxe Clean, Seal & Wax Shaft $25
Clean, Seal & Wax Shaft w/ tip $10 + tip
Most Nick & Ding Removal $10
Turn Shaft Down Call For Pricing
Irish Linen Wraps Approx. $40
Leather Wraps $125
Ferrule Replacement Approx. $40
Ivory Ferrules $75
Tenon Replacement $25
Buffalo Horn Ferrule $50