Effective January 1st, 2023 , Southern Billiards will no longer be servicing Diamond pool tables.

How Do I Measure My Pool Table To Determine What Size It Is?

How do I tell if my table is a 1-piece or 3-piece slate pool table?


Is a 3-piece slate pool table better than a 1-piece slate pool table? Why so?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when first buying a pool table. Let us start out by saying that most slate pool tables, including professional-grade pool tables, consist of a 3-piece slate design. The reason for this is that 3-piece slate tables can typically be leveled and planed much more easily and precisely than a 1-piece slate table. 1-piece slate tables tend to sag in the middle over time where they have very little support. A 3-piece slate pool table allows for the installer to level each individual piece and place them in the same plane. Once this is done, the seams will be finished over with bee's wax or water putty leaving the seams undetectable. The only current exception to this rule are pool tables manufactured by Diamond Billiards. Their tables feature new technology that allows their 1-piece slate to be flexed and leveled as well as a 3-piece.


What is the difference between a framed and unframed slate pool table?

The term framed slate refers to the pool table slate being backed by wood. The backing is usually attached with screws or adhesive, sometimes both. A set of unframed slate will not have a wood backing attached. Why should this concern you? Framed slate has added stability and allows for the installer to staple the cloth down as opposed to gluing it, which can make for a tighter stretch and faster playing surface. Although there are some good unframed slate pool tables out there, they pale in comparison to the professional framed slate tables available. You may also encounter tables with what is called a slate liner, which is when the slate backing is attached to the frame instead of the slate. Although better than unframed slate it still doesn't match up to the sturdiness of the framed slate pool tables.


What is a regulation size pool table?

This is a very common question that gets thrown around a lot in pool table sales pitches. By definition, a regulation size pool table just means that it is twice as long as it is wide. This is why the term is used so often, but the question is generally directed towards professional play. Most people asking this question want to know what size the professionals play on. In this case, the only answer is a 9' pool table. Any Professional BCA 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, or One-Pocket tournaments are played on 9 foot, 3-piece framed slate pool tables; Which are in fact, twice as long as they are wide.


What size does my room need to be to accommodate my pool table?

You can view our Room Size Comparison Chart for exact room specifications.


How high should my pool table light be hanging?

The standard recommended height of a pool table light is 36 to 40 in. from the play surface of the table to the bottom of the light which should be 66 to 70 in. off of the floor.


How do I move my pool table?

Moving your own pool table is never recommended. All tables which are currently still under warranty will be voided if not moved by a Manufacturer certified or ABIA certified (American Billiard Installers Association) service provider.

There are many steps and precautions involved in moving a pool table, especially if you are dealing with a three piece slate pool table, which is most common. The only correct way to move a three piece slate pool table is to completely disassemble the table while indexing each piece including the slate. Southern Billiards, Inc. does offer professional pool table moving services throughout all of Georgia, Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta areas. For more information on moving pool tables see our Pool Table Moving page or Contact Us to schedule a professional pool table move today!


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