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Outsville Accu-Rack “On The Money” Drill Set - ARS-OTM


Brand Accu-Rack

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Outsville Exclusive! Need a way to start measuring your progress or don't know where to start? We can help!!! Can't make a game with your buddy and you both need some practice on some key shots anyway? "ON THE MONEY" may be the answer. Set Includes the "ON THE MONEY" target, 10 Object Ball markers and 2 Cue Ball origin marker.

  • Practice Key Shots and Master Your Touch
  • Includes The “ON THE MONEY” Target, 10 Object Ball Markers, and 2 Cue Ball Origin Markers
  • Compete with Friends or Practice Yourself
  • Measure Your Progress With This Outsville Exclusive
  • Makes A Great Gift For Any Billiards Enthusiast