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Hudson Dominator Shuffleboard Table

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Brand Hudson

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The Dominator by Hudson Shuffleboards in the finest shuffleboard on the market today. Designed after the original Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Table, each dominator is constructed entirely of the finest hard woods avaialable. These woods include cedar (shown above), walnut, oak, maple, cherry, mahogany and poplar. It features a 5-piece horsecollar which is milled out of single pieces of wood as opposed to adding additional trim pieces on the top. Exotic woods and custom stains are available upon request. To ensure a perfect fit in your room, the Dominator is has been made avaialable in 9', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20' and 22' (Tournament) sizes.

The Dominator also features diamond-shaped inlays to highlight the cradle, genuine leather horse-collar lining and decorative carvings throughout the legs and lights. The seam-plate is also available in stainless steel (pictured above) or solid wood. The playing surface is constructed of Hard Rock Maple and topped with Hudson's Lifetime Warranty Polymer Finish.

Size Options & Pricing:

9' Dominator Shuffleboard $13,999.00
12' Dominator Shuffleboard $14,499.00
12' Dominator Shuffleboard $14,499.00
14' Dominator Shuffleboard $14,999.00
16' Dominator Shuffleboard $15,499.00
18' Dominator Shuffleboard $15,999.00
20' Dominator Shuffleboard $16,499.00
22' Dominator Shuffleboard $16,999.00


About Hudson's Master Craftsman Danny
Hudson Shuffleboards is privileged to engage one the finest shuffleboard craftsmen in the world to create their exceptional line of Dominator shuffleboards. Danny began building cabinets and fine furniture 30 years ago. However, it was only a few years ago Danny started playing shuffleboard on an original Rock-Ola. Danny liked that board so much he decided to build a board similar to them.
The Hudson Dominator Shuffleboard is the result.

What's Included?
Also Included is One Set of 4‰۪ Lights with Decorative Carvings, One Set of Playing Weights/Pucks, Climate Adjusters, Two Bottles of Speed Powder, One Can of Silicone Spray, Adjustable Leg Levelers, and One Board Wipe. Professional Installation is also Available.