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Athena ATH40 58” Billiards Pool Cue Stick


Brand Athena

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Athena cues are made exclusively for women and feature a slightly thinner 12.5mm shaft that's perfect for smaller hands and the length is a total of 57 inches. Each pool cue includes a free 10" extension that easily screws into the base of the cue. The extension provides the ladies extra reach without all the hassles of table leaning or using a bridge. Athena pool cues come in a variety of designs including butterflies, flowers and hearts as well as zebra and leopard prints. All Athena cues include a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Athena Pool Cues - Ladies Pool Cue - ATH40 - White with black, baby blue and pink heart "Boot inspired" design, 29" Hardrock Maple shaft, 12.5mm boarskin tip, Black Irish linen wrap - Includes 10" Extension

  • Manufactured By Athena (Model ATH40)
  • Designed for Playing/Shotmaking
  • Available Weights: 17 - 21 oz (Weight Adjustable)
  • Boarskin Tip Tip (Medium/Hard)
  • Joint Type: Piloted Stainless Steel 5/16 18 Pin
Cue Details:
  • Cue Type: Playing/Shotmaking
  • Sections: Two-Piece
  • Grip/wrap: Black Irish Linen
  • Joint type: Piloted Stainless Steel 5/16 18 Pin
  • Weight Adjustable
  • Available weights: 17 - 21 oz
  • Overall length: 58
  • Number of shafts: 1
  • Shaft material: Hardrock Maple
  • Shaft construction: Solid
  • Shaft length: 29”
  • Shaft diameter: 12.5 mm
  • Shaft taper: 10" Pro Taper, Piloted Brass Insert
  • Tip name: Boarskin Tip
  • Tip layers: 7 Layers
  • Tip hardness: Medium/Hard
  • Tip material: Leather