Action NB01 Gloss Black Uniloc Butt Only For Pool Cue 15 oz


Brand Action

The NB01 is a simple black cue butt that features a Uniloc quick-release joint and with no wrap. This cue butt will weigh about 19oz when paired with a shaft. THE NB01 IS SOLD BUTT ONLY AND DOES NOT INCLUDE A SHAFT.

  • Manufactured By Action (Model NB01)
  • Designed for Playing/Shotmaking
  • Available Weights: 15 oz. (Weight Adjustable)
  • None Tip (None)
  • Joint Type: Uniloc Quick-Release
  • This listing is for a butt only. No shaft is included.
Cue Details:
  • Cue Type: Playing/Shotmaking
  • Sections: Two-Piece
  • Grip/wrap: None
  • Joint type: Uniloc Quick-Release
  • Weight Adjustable
  • Available weights: 15 oz.
  • Overall length: 28
  • Number of shafts: None
  • Shaft material: None
  • Shaft construction: N/A
  • Shaft length: None
  • Shaft diameter: None
  • Shaft taper: None
  • Tip name: None
  • Tip hardness: None