Let there be no doubt, the life of a pool table mechanic can certainly be trying.  Involving strenuous labor and often some very long hours, the job requires dedication and lots of training.  At Southern Billiards being tired or in a rush is no excuse for work that is not your very best.  It amazes me the shoddy work some "billiard mechanics" perform and it seems we follow their work all too often.  But enough of the bad, today we're going to talk about my favorite part of this aspect of the business.

Today I was able to go on two of the three jobs with Scottie, our lead man on the road.  On the first stop I got to meet the father of one of the young men I was fortunate enough to coach in one season of AAU basketball.  The young man then went on to play football for the University of Alabama and is now married and living in 'Bama.  En route to our second job I got to meet an old friend from high school I had not seen since 1980.  Got to visit for a little bit and am looking forward to getting together for lunch one day soon.  He offered to come by at our showroom and knock the balls around for a while one day soon.

You see, the life of a "road warrior" is all about relationships with our customers.  We may only ever work on your table once but we want it to be memorable and enjoyable.  My favorite customer to deliver a new or used table to is the person who has always wanted a table at home and finally is getting one!  Matters not if it's an expensive table or not, we want to make it a great experience.  Get excited about this wonderful game that has been so good to me!  The faces of the kids who are getting a table as a surprise for Christmas or birthday is absolutely priceless.  THAT is the best part of being a pool table mechanic and  always having high standards for your work. Just "good enough" is not good enough.

Give our service guys a chance to impress you on your next pool table service and visit us at our showroom at 4610 Atlanta Hwy in Loganville, Ga.  We would love to meet you.

Always remember, Jesus Loves Us!

October 22, 2014 by Scott Carpenter

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