At Southern Billiards we've been telling our customers for years that one of the best ways to maximize your fun in your gameroom is to invest in a ping pong conversion top for your pool table.  Today we completed four pool table jobs/deliveries and three of the four purchased a top for their table.  My only question is "Why didn't the other?"

At a nominal cost of $219.95 which includes the paddles, balls, and net set this is one of the best deals ever.  Let's face it, many people do not love billiards as much as you and I may.  A ping pong top is a great way to keep the whole family involved.  Besides, it's really good exercise! 

At our store we offer a black top with white lines for 7' and 8' tables and a green top with white lines for the 9' tables.

The black tops feature a full rubber backing to eliminate any chance of scratching your beloved pool table, a very important addition to the new tops.  The green tops offer foam blocks that adhere to the back of the top for the same reason.  Both models include a block to go under the middle at the joint to ensure that the top does not sag over time.

If you do not already own one of the tops they are a great idea for a Christmas gift for the whole family!  You would be amazed how competitive this game can get among family. Delivery is included on this item if you purchase and have it brought at the same time as the install/service job.

Please call the shop for ordering or information.

Always remember, Jesus loves us!

October 17, 2014 by Scott Carpenter

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