We receive several calls a day at Southern Billiards concerning lighting. First let me say that there have to be more options concerning lighting than any other gameroom item.  There are literally hundreds of options, from antique to rustic to elegant and all kinds of collegiate and theme lights.  If you are interested in a particular type of light and don't have any luck in your search feel welcomed to call us and we will try to help you.

Almost all styles of light work best if they are hung 36"-40" off of the pool table surface.  This measurement is taken from the lowest point of the globes on the light to the play surface.  In the case that the pool table is not set up yet, the dimension is 70" from the floor.  It is always easier to hang the light first as it is not a good idea to have someone standing on the pool table after it is assembled as it can cause the seam to slip or do some other damage.

There is considerable argument as to whether the newer flourescent lights are preferred over standard incandescent lights.  Personally, I love the Diamond lights that are flourescent with chrome diffuser grids under the bulbs.  For many people, however, the styling is not acceptable for their setting. Certainly any light designed for a pool  table is better than "can lights" or shop lights, which I have seen many people try to use unsuccessfully.  If you own a 9' pool table then I recommend a 4-globe light or an 8' flourescent.  

It really is an important part of the pool table, so give it some thought and try to pick what's right for you and your table and not whatever's cheapest.   

And always remember, Jesus is the light of the world!  Let His light shine in you!

October 31, 2014 by Scott Carpenter

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