Twice in the past week Southern Billiards has been called out to a customer's home with a work order to move their 3-piece slate pool table to a new location and found their table on its side in the room when we arrived.  It is a really bad idea to attempt to move a slate pool table of any type if you are not trained.  I suppose the most common really bad mistake is to try to move a 3-piece table while it is still  assembled.  You are pretty much guaranteed to do damage to the table and likely will never get the table out of the room, much less get it to the second house.  

I can assure you that it takes alot of experience and expertise to correctly repair and service pool tables.  At Southern Billiards each lead man is required to have at least 4 years training wilth Scott or Bryan Carpenter.  We want to assure that our technicians not only know the correct way to complete the work but that they know no other way.  Couple that with reasonable pricing, great customer service, and integrity and you have a service reputation that keeps us busy constantly.  We are glad to be there for you and your gameroom!  Thousands of pool tables are happy they have us to take care of them!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning your gameroom.  You are not bothering us, it's what we do.

Always smile and always remember, Jesus Loves Us!

November 10, 2014 by Scott Carpenter

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