Thank you for purchasing an Instroke custom Cue Case. By investing in
an Instroke case you are making a decision to own one of the best-built cue
cases in the world. We strive to use only the finest quality materials and
workmanship available. There is an old saying we live by, “Quality is not 
expensive; it is Priceless.”


We have a very low rate of defect with Instroke custom cue cases. However,
life is not perfect and neither are we and occasionally we do slip up. So
here is our promise or “Warranty”. Instroke products are Money-Back
Guarantee for the first thirty days after purchase, case must be returned
to seller. After 30 days, we will repair or replace any product, which is 
defective due to a manufacturing error free of charge for a period of
twelve months after the purchase dates. Customer is responsible for 
shipping case to and from repair facility. All repairs are to be sent to
Instroke Repair Dept., 11174E Nebo Hill Road, Nevada, Mo 64772.

Ph. 888-806-0275.


If after 12 months you have a problem with an Instroke cue case, we still
want to know about it. You may either take the case to the retailer you
purchased it from or return it to us directly. We will determine what is 
wrong with the case and advise you how best to fix the problem. We will 
either repair or replace the defective case for a nominal fee.


Instroke cases are guaranteed as long as proof exists of legitimate purchase 
from an authorized dealer, either with a copy of the original purchase 
receipt or by having registered the case with us at time of purchase.

Authorized dealers are retailers serviced by any of our authorized wholesale
partners who display this logo:




All decisions for repair or replacement are at the sole discretion of

Abused products are not covered under this warranty.

Instroke will pay for return shipping if a product is defective within the
first thirty days of purchase. After thirty days the customer is responsible
for all shipping and insurance fees to and from our repair facility.

Products, which have been modified or altered by anyone: other than 
Instroke are not covered under this warranty. This does not include
purely cosmetic alterations.

Cosmetic blemishes, which do not affect the performance of the case, are 
not considered manufacturer’s defects.

All products may be returned for any reason to the selling retailer during
the first thirty days of ownership for a full refund of purchase price. After 
30 days
, Instroke will repair or replace any product, which is damaged due 
to a manufacturer’s defect free of charge for a period of twelve months
after the purchase date. Customer will be responsible for shipping case to 
and from our repair facility.

Instroke will not exchange products for purely cosmetic reasons.

Copy of proof of purchase from an Authorized Instroke Dealer or by
having sent in a completed Product Registration card at the time of
purchase is required.