What Size Pool Table Is Considered Regulation?

The term "regulation" is thrown around quite frequently in the pool table and billiards industry. However, it normally means something totally different than what is understood. A regulation pool table means that the play surface is twice as long as the width. The 2:1 ratio, no matter the size, meets the regulation requirements for a pool table. This will allow the bank and kick shots to have the same result no matter the size.

What Size Do The Pro's Play On?

Most professional tournaments, such as the widely known 8 ball ESPN tournaments, are held on 9 ft pool tables. These pool tables have a play surface of 50" x 100" and normally have different pocket sizes depending on the tournament requirements. Some professional events may be held on smaller pool tables, such as oversized 8' tables and 7' bar box tables, but the vast majority of professional events will be held on the aforementioned 9' pool tables.

May 08, 2014 by Bryan Carpenter

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