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Worsted Pool Table Cloth

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Pro Performance High Speed Pool Table Cloth

High speed worsted wool billiard cloths are the choice of pool players around the world. Their nap-free, precision threaded weaves create the perfect playing surface for your pool table and assure a faster and more accurate roll. Not only does the tight weave ensure better playability, but it also makes the cloth naturally spill resistant. This worsted wool blend provides durability and consistency that is sure to impress.

This high speed worsted wool blend pool table cloth comes in cut lengths for 7 ft, 8 ft, or 9 ft pool tables. Cutting instructions are included with your purchase upon request. Features Include:

Spill Resistant

Our blend of worsted billiard cloth offers superior spill resistance. Whether it be water or wine, this cloth will repel spills and make for an easy clean up.

Installation & Cutting Instructions

Are you concerned about installing pool table felt for the first time? No need to worry. We will send you detailed installation instructions and have a knowledgeable customer service team that is always happy to help over the phone with installation questions and helpful tips.

Top Side Marked

We mark the top side of this cloth for easy installation with no confusion. The smooth, finely woven top side makes for high speed, consistent playability.

Nap-Free Play Surface

Worsted pool table felts offer a nap-free, zero fuzz play surface. This makes the balls roll true and makes cleaning your felt very easy. Chalk marks, dust, and other impurities can be wiped up with a lightly damp microfiber cloth. Deep cleaning can be performed with our Quick Clean pool table felt cleaner.

Up to 2x Ball Speed

Compared to non-worsted, home recreation pool table felts, our worsted cloth offers up to 2x speed increase making your position play and speed control much more competitive.

We'll cut your rail cloth for you!

For a minimal fee of $10 we will cut the rail cloth for you so the felt will be ready to install when you receive it. This ensures that the job gets done correctly and you will have plenty of cloth for your pool table bed and rails.

Premium Blend

Our 21 oz. worsted cloth is manufactured with the optimal blend of wool (90%) and nylon (10%). Few worsted cloths offer this premium blend ratio for increased longevity and speed.

Budget Friendly

You will not find a high quality worsted cloth such as this for this low of a price. We import this cloth directly and are able to pass the savings on to our customers. You can't beat the similar playability to Simonis 860 Tournament cloth for nearly 1/3rd the cost!

Are you unsure of what size to order? Use this guide to determine which cloth size will work on your pool table. Measure the distance between the side rails where the ball hits the cushion edge. Your table may vary up to +/- 3/4" from the correct measurements shown below.


 photo measure_table_zps46f5823d.jpg 

If Measurement Is:Order For This Table Size:
39" or 40" 7' Table
44" 8' Table
46" 8' Pro (Oversized)
50" 9'
56" 10'

Warranty Information

Our worsted billiard cloth is carefully cut and packaged by experienced professionals. If you notice any imperfections in your cloth, we will warranty the cloth as long as it has not been altered. We will NOT accept returns that have been stapled, glued, and/or otherwise installed or altered from it's original condition. Please inspect your cloth carefully before installing.

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  1. Nice product good quality

    Posted by James on 17th Feb 2015

    fast sales and good customer service

  2. really fast

    Posted by Vick on 15th Feb 2015

    I was surprised how fast this felt plays compared to the stuff that came on my table new. I have a 7 foot dynamo.

  3. plays well

    Posted by clint on 29th Jan 2015

    this cloth plays fast and i would say it is comparable to simonis 860. it was tough to put on though.

  4. my buddies love it!

    Posted by ZACK on 26th Jan 2015

    some of my friends come over every week and we have a pool night. i had regular felt on my pool table before purchasing this and i can tell you that it is a HUGE difference! this felt is way faster and rolls so much more true than the old stuff. i highly recommend it.

  5. Love the finished product

    Posted by Terry D. on 20th Jan 2015

    I've installed pool table felt a couple of times now but this is the first high speed cloth I've used. It is is a little more difficult to install because the cloth has a very tight weave, but you can tell the quality is superior. I am very pleased.

  6. Great product for a great price.

    Posted by Mark on 16th Jan 2015

    I ordered this to save money and really wasn't expecting to get this good of quality. This is a great if you want high quality at a cheap price.

  7. super fast cloth and speedy delivery

    Posted by rick b. on 15th Jan 2015

    thank you Bryan for helping me choose this cloth. the installers just finished the installation and the pool table looks great. this cloth rolls much faster than my old cloth it seems like it will be easier to keep clean. i'm looking forward to playing on it some more. thanks again!