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(SOLD) Used 9' Olhausen Furniture Style Pool Table with Triple-Shimmed Tight Pockets


Brand Olhausen

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Brand: Olhausen - Made in U.S.A.

Size: 9' (Professional - 50" x 100")

Slate: 3-pc. 1" Framed Slate

Finish: Pecan

Pockets: Honey Leather Shield

Legs: Queen Ann Carved

Cushions: Professional Grade Accu-Fast

Other Details: This table has triple-shimmed pockets meaning that the rails have been extended into the pockets using rail facings. This in turn makes the pockets tighter and more difficult to pocket balls which helps to improve your game.

Includes: Delivery & Installation (All of Metro-Atlanta Area), New Simonis 860 Cloth and a Standard Play Package