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Shot Darts KABST-23 Battler Steel Tip Dart Set 23gm


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This 80% tungsten pearler is coated with the Shot Cinder Grip for superfine traction and control. Fresh ‘tracks’ design on each barrel. The Battler's tried and true classic ring grip is a winner for consistency when throwing. It has a front balance at the front; the push point sits just behind the nose. The unique "Tracks" Cinder Grip design adds an area of grip with a great feel, and it's a good place for your fingers to rest on and throw from. With multiple reference points along the barrel, The Battler gives dart players great options for finger placement.

  • 23 grams
  • 51 mm length
  • 7.7 mm diameter
  • Includes 3 Barrels, Shafts, Flights & Points
  • Model: KABST-23