Schon CX69 Custom Pool Cue


Brand Schon

The Schon CX69 Custom Pool Cue features a 13mm single layered Leather tip atop a Proprietary Schon ferrule. Beneath the ferrule is a 10-12 in. Pro taper, Hard Rock Maple,Mom shaft. At the core is a Black Proprietary Plastic collar and Polished Stainless Steel joint encasing a 5/16x14 Stainless Steel pin. Beneath the joint is a Schon designed Stained Birdseye Maple with 4 Ebony points forearm. The Black Iwith White Specks Irish Linen wrap accents the Ebony sleeve and Black Rubber bumper. The Schon CX69 Custom Pool Cue is available in 18-21 oz. Schon"Schon" brand ferrule developed to hit like Ivory. Plate is Black proprietary plastic with Schon logo.