Quick Clean Pool Table Felt Cleaner


Quick Clean pool table felt cleaner makes the task of cleaning your pool table much easier. David Hodges, the creator, realized that brushing your pool table only moves particles, dirt and dust around causing the fibers of your cloth to wear faster. This 18 oz. spray solution will actually remove the dust from the cloth and bring it above the surface, therefore allowing you to wipe it off. This product is great for all situations including the pool room owner, home owner or tournament director. This product will keep your table(s) looking and playing like new for a much longer period of time. Below are a list of the features and benefits of Quick Clean felt cleaner:

  • Easy to use: Dry foam cleaner - spray it on and wipe it off
  • Pool table is ready for play immediately after use
  • Contents are environmentally safe
  • Saves hours of precious time
  • Extends life of cloth by approximately 40% to 50%
  • Safe for all brands, grades and blends of cloth
  • Brings older cloth back to original speed
  • Table slide eliminator
  • Also keeps furniture, fixtures, pockets and balls free of chalk and dust
  • Cleans accessories as well
  • Will not fade cloth whatsoever

Quick clean is the official table cleaner of the Derby City Classic and US Open Tournaments. No brushes or vacuums are required, however we do recommend a lint free towel or rag such as a micro fiber towel. This product works best if used with the quick clean towel or micro-fiber wiper. This product is available as an 18 oz. can. Bulk discounts are available. Please update quantity in cart to see bulk pricing.