Premier Belgian Aramith Pool Balls

$170.77 $141.77

Brand Aramith

This premier billiard ball set from Aramith meets all professional quality specifications for density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, gloss, hardness and weight. Aramith Belgian balls also have outstanding endurance through a hardened vitrified surface with an ultra-high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance. MADE IN BELGIUM, these balls measure the standard 2 1/4" and are guaranteed to be perfectly round within .0015 in. Aramith Premiers are well known for holding their high luster and roundness for a very long time, resulting in minimal ball and table cloth wear. You can't mistake a set of Aramith Premiers for their slightly oversized numbers and stripes.

These Aramith Premiers are made by the Belgian company, Saluc SA, under the Aramith trade name which is Saluc's line. Saluc also makes the Brunswick Centennial balls for Brunswick. The Premier set is manufactured to a tolerance level equivalent to the Brunswick Centennial ball set. The price of the Premier set is almost half the cost of a Brunswick set as the Brunswick Centennial set goes through a distributor, then corporate brunswick, then a Brunswick dealer and then to you. Brunswick Centennial balls retail for $250.00. Aramith Premiers normally retail for $160 and are discounted at various billiard warehouse in the $130.00 range. Due to our low overhead, special quantity buys and minimal mark up, we offer this Aramith Premier ball set to you at incredibly low price.