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Predator Z-3 30-inch Pool Cue Shaft (Radial, Thin Black Collar)


Brand Predator

The Predator Z-3 pool cue shaft is our thinnest shaft with its 11.85 mm tip diameter. It allows for pin-point tip placement and has the lowest deflection among wooden pool cue shaft. It is our most accurate spliced Maple shaft and will give you extra spin with less effort. The Z-3's high spin and pin-point accuracy make it a great choice for frequent intermediate or expert players who play 8-Ball on small tables, or low speed and high spin games like One Pocket and Banks. Predator was awarded a patent for its innovative Vault Plate front-end construction: Patent # US9814963B2. Shaft only. Butt sold separately.

  • Predator’s cutting-edge shaft technology reduces guesswork, making it easier to pocket more balls with confidence.
  • The re-engineered front end is significantly stronger, lighter and more flexible, allowing the cue ball to push the shaft aside, reducing cue ball deflection.
  • Predator’s low deflection shafts consistently deliver increased rotation and accuracy through their unique combination of strength, stiffness, and mass.
  • Dance in circles around your opponent and position your cue ball effortlessly for a knockout victory.
  • Each shaft is constructed with our patented iMatch process. Every single triangle is tested for optimal density, mass, and stiffness and paired to create the best 10-piece shaft possible for better consistency and playability.
  • Hand selected and kiln dried, only the best wood can make the cut to become a Predator shaft.
  • Shaft Only. Butt sold separately.
Shaft Details:
  • Collar: Thin Black Collar
  • Diameter: 11.85 mm
  • Ferrule: Thermax
  • Joint Type: Radial Joint
  • Length: 30 in.
  • Taper: Conical Hybrid
  • Tip Color: Yellow
  • Tip Hardness: Medium
  • Tip Layers: 10
  • Tip Name: Predator Victory Tip