New Super Aramith Pro Pool Balls Billiard Balls Set

$411.24 $328.99

Brand Aramith

Produced to the most exacting tolerances and standards, every ball in these sets is, on top of the multiple regular controls, individually calipered to insure maximum consistency from ball to ball in order to constitute a homogeneous Matched set for true excellence at play. The resins used in these top quality sets even further maximize the ball and Cloth life. Their transparent vitrified surface is through-hardened, allowing the balls to hold their Specifications over an unusually long period of time. It is this unique quality level that made these sets to be the favorite products used internationally in tournaments and championships.

  • Complete pool ball set. Includes 7 striped numbered balls, 7 solid numbered balls and 1 Aramith Pro cue ball with red logo.
  • Regulation size: 2.25 inch balls
  • Perfect roundness and balance, uniform weight and hardness provide friction resistant roll and reaction.
  • Aramith phenolic resin balls last up to five times longer than balls made from polymers.
  • For decades, Aramith billiard balls have had a legendary reputation for outstanding endurance and unmatched quality.