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New Brunswick Centennial Pool Balls Set - 2 1/4 Inch Ball Set - FREE US Shipping


Brand Brunswick

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The Brunswick Centennial Pool Balls are known to some as the finest pool balls on the market. Preferred by professionals all over the world, they measure 2-1/4" and are made from Aramith Phenolic Resin, which ensures uniform density for maximum impact resistance and rebound capacity. Brunswick Centennial Pool Balls are also heat fused to create a bond which makes them some of the strongest and most durable pool balls ever made.

Just how round are they? The Centennials are as round as they get, being precisely formed within .001 (one thousandth of an inch) tolerance. They are manufactured by the Belgian company, Saluc, who also manufactures Aramith balls, makes this set for Brunswick. For the serious player who wants perfect sphericity and balance, this is the set for you. Please let us know if you would like a free break cloth as well to protect your Brunswick Centennial pool ball set and cloth. They are available upon request.

  • The Brunswick Centennial Pocket balls
  • Made entirely of Aramith phenolic resin
  • All white and colored components are "vitrified" or heat fused to create a molecular bond
  • Precision-ground and polished to perfect sphericity
  • Used in professional events around the world
  • Ball type: Pool & Billiards
  • Material: Phenolic Resin
  • Chip and Ding Resistant
  • Roundness tolerance: .001