Meucci ANW-1 Antique Stained Two-Piece Pool Cue Stick w/ Pro Shaft

$500.00 $425.00

Brand Meucci

Meucci is probably the best known, legendary pool cue brand available today. Why? Because Bob Meucci has been building the most aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced pool cues since the mid 60's. Meucci pool cues are built with one priority in mind: to give every player more power with less effort. Meucci cues are the most accurate tool ever built for the game of pool! With decades of cue making experience, Meucci Brand pool cues are unquestionably one of the best playing cues on the market today as well as having one of the most recognized brand names in the industry. Meucci cues... an industry leader for decades!

  • Polycarbonate ferrule for a soft hit-now made more durable than original
  • PRO SHAFT - 12.5mm extreme low deflection shaft
  • This shaft plays perfectly in all positions
  • High quality Birdseye Maple
  • Joint Type: 5/16x18 Thread
Cue Details:
  • Cue Type: Playing/Shotmaking
  • Sections: Two-Piece
  • Grip/wrap: No Wrap
  • Joint type: 5/16x18 Thread
  • Joint collar: Flat faced wood-to-wood
  • Weight Adjustable
  • Available weights: 18 - 21 oz
  • Overall length: 58
  • Number of shafts: 1
  • Shaft name: PRO SHAFT - 12.5mm extreme low deflection shaft
  • Shaft material: Birdseye Maple
  • Shaft construction: Solid
  • Shaft length: 58
  • Shaft diameter: 12.5 mm
  • Shaft taper: Pro Taper
  • Ferrule: Polycarbonate
  • Tip name: Ultra Skin
  • Tip hardness: Medium