Meucci 9712 Custom Pool Cue


Brand Meucci

The Meucci 9712 Custom Pool Cue features a 12.75mm single layered LePro tip atop a Poly Carbonate ferrule. Beneath the ferrule is a 14.5-16 in. Pro taper, Hard Rock Maple,Black Dot shaft. At the core is a Ivory Colored collar and Wood to Wood joint encasing a Steel 5/16x18 pin. Beneath the joint is a Meucci designed Gray stained birdseye maple with 4 Ivory colored points with 3 colored veneers and a colored Diamond shaped inlay atop a thin line in each point forearm. The White with Brown specks Covered Irish Linen wrap accents the Gray stained birdseye with multi-colored blocks in Ivory colored rings at top and bottom sleeve and Black Rubber bumper. The Meucci 9712 Custom Pool Cue is available in 18-21 oz.Black Dot shaft is 35 pieces of wood spliced together one on top of the other and then turned down into the shape of a shaft. Basic push in rubber bumper. Collar is Ivory colored with multi-colored blocks.