Lucasi LZ2004BK Custom+Hybrid Black Pool Cue

$599.99 $449.99

Brand Lucasi

Lucasi pool cues are one of the most well known brands in the billiard industry, and for good reason. Their superior craftsmanship and playability makes them some of the best valued cues on the market. Each Lucasi cue is designed with a Uni-loc Quick Release or Uni-loc Radial joint, a lightweight XTC ferrule and hard rock maple shaft. To top it off, the beautiful designs include hand crafted inlays with exotic woods. Don't think it can get any better? ALL Lucasi pool cues come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and warping! If you're looking for an incredible cue with unmatched value and playability, you can't go wrong with a Lucasi.

The Lucasi Custom+Hybrid LZ2004BK is an exclusive model complete with every upgrade imaginable. This cue features a stainless steel joint and butt cap, uni-loc pin, lizard embossed leather grip, elongated black crushed velvet points and two shaft options (11.75mm w/ Kamui Black Soft tip or 12.75mm w/ Tiger Everest Medium tip). To top it off, the first 50 produced have the words "FIRST EDITION" engraved into the stainless steel joint collar.


Cue Details

    • Designed For Playing/Shooting
    • Free Soft Case Included
    • Sections: Two-Piece
    • Weight Adjustable
    • Available Weights: 18-21 oz
    • Overall Length: 58 in.
    • Joint Collar: Stainless Steel
    • Joint Type: Uni-loc Quick Release
    • Inlays: Floating Crushed Black Velvet
    • Grip/Wrap: Black Lizard Embossed Leather
    • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty


Shaft Details

  • Number of Shafts: 1
  • Shaft Name: Zero Flexpoint Low Deflection
  • Shaft Material: Maple
  • Shaft Construction: Solid
  • Shaft Length: 29 in.
  • Shaft Diameter: 11.75mm (Default) or 12.75mm
  • Shaft Taper: Pro
  • Ferrule: Zero Flexpoint
  • Tip Name: Kamui Black
  • Tip Layers: 10
  • Tip Hardness: Soft
  • Tip Material: Pig Skin
  • Diameter: 11.75mm (default) or 12.75mm
  • Material: Maple