Lucasi LZD5 Custom Pool Cue


Brand Lucasi

The Lucasi L-D5 Custom Pool Cue features a 13mm single layered Triangle tip atop a Ivorene 3 ferrule. Beneath the ferrule is a taper, Canadian Hard Rock Maple, shaft. At the core is a collar and Stainless Steel joint encasing a Stainless Steel Uni-loc pin. Beneath the joint is a Lucasi designed Ebony stained maple forearm. The Black Double pressed Irish Linen wrap accents the Ebony stained maple sleeve and Black Rubber bumper. The Lucasi L-D5 Custom Pool Cue is available in 18-21 oz.Comes in a Protective Sleeve. Has removable Weight Bolts. Plate is Black with Lucasi custom logo. Nickel silver rings sandwiching a Turquoise ring on shaft, forearm and butt sleeve.