Koda Sports KBPX 2-1/4" PRO-X Pool Balls Set


KODA PRO-X Pro Billiard Balls feature True Roll & Color Radiance Technology (CRT), which enhances ball control, playability and the life of your cloth. This set was designed for intermediate to advanced players and is backed by KODA’s Residential Lifetime Guarantee. If you ever have a problem with cracking or chipping that affects the roll of the ball, call KODA to replace it free of charge. Color Radiance Technology doesn’t just look the part. This proprietary friction reducing coating performs exceptionally well while preserving the integrity of your cloth with less burn marks during play. Feel the speed and energy with CRT! True Roll Technology is the formulation of balance, weight, and density for enhanced spherical consistency that dominates play with a smooth roll and accuracy in every shot.

  • KODA Sports Residential Lifetime Guarantee
  • Professional Grade Complete 16 Ball Set
  • True Roll & Color Radiance Technology
  • Friction Reducing Coating Increases Speed & Preserves Cloth Integrity
  • Regulation Size & Weight (2.25" Diameter, 6 oz +/- 0.1oz Weight)
  • Includes KODA Sports Red Logo Cue Ball
  • Ball type: Pool & Billiards
  • Individual weight: 6 oz
  • Chip and Ding Resistant
  • Roundness tolerance: 0.005 in