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Kamui .98b Beta Chalk


Brand Kamui

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Kamui 1.21b "Beta" Chalk is the newest formula direct from Kamui. This chalk is constructed with finer particles than your standard chalks. They are designed to maximize friction and offer a larger "sweet spot," which generates more spin to the cue ball. The added friction reduces slipping, miscues, and deflection. The end result: Your English Game Will Be Better Than Ever.

  • Considered The Best Chalk On The Market
  • 36% Larger! The first Kamui chalk to be the same larger size as other standard chalks.
  • Reduced Compound Transfer To The Cue Ball
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Increased Friction
  • Tear-Off Label Layers
  • Coats Evenly
  • Less Miscues
  • Longer Play Between Chalking

We are an Authorized Kamui Dealer. All of our Kamui products come directly from Kamui and are kept in a climate and humidity controlled environment. All Kamui Products are Guaranteed Authentic, Original and have never been tampered with or modified.