Joss 20 Custom Pool Cue


Brand Joss

The Joss 20 Custom Pool Cue features a 13mm layered Triangle tip atop a Aegis Linen ferrule. Beneath the ferrule is a 9-10 in. Pro taper, Hard Rock Maple, shaft. At the core is a Steel collar and Stainless Steel joint encasing a 5/16x14 Stainless Steel pin. Beneath the joint is a Joss designed Solid Cocobolo forearm. The Black with White specks Irish Linen wrap accents the Ebony and Cocobolo background rings, maple windows with Ebony and Mother of Pearl inlays sleeve and Black Rubber bumper. The Joss 20 Custom Pool Cue is available in 18-21 oz. JossCollar is Stainless Steel with Black plastic ring. Plate is Black herculite which is a durable material that doesn't crack or break with Gold Joss logo. Ferrule is aegis linen which is a linen based plastic that is designed to hit like Ivory.