Hainsworth Elite-Pro Pool Table Felt


Hainsworth Elite-Pro Pool Table Felt is a high-quality, smooth playing, nap-free, and fast playing cloth with a unique Spill Guard design! Because of the tight knit weave the cloth is naturally spill resistant but also features the unique micro finish that ensures that the cloth continues to play with the speed, consistancy and excitement that you want! This is an award winning cloth from Europe that received "The Royal Warrant" for providing the interior fabrics to the Royalty in England. The highly technical and innovative playing surface is unrivaled and sets this cloth apart from the rest. Treat yourself to the Royally approved Hainsworth Elite-Pro cloth and play like Kings and Queens!


  • Spill Resistant
  • Top Side Marked For Easy Installation
  • Nap-Free, Zero Fuzz
  • Faster Play Than Traditional Wool Cloths
  • 365gsm