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Epco Hobbit Style Clear Pool Balls


Brand EPCO

At first glance, the uniqueness of these clear billiard or pool balls could almost be overlooked. But look deep within the clear pool ball and you'll find a fascinating history to our pool balls. The concept and even the equipment used to manufacture this unique style of pool balls dates back to 1980. The process of manufacturing this distinctive line of clear pool balls is quite simple actually. It begins with a plastic tab that is engraved with one of two standard style fonts, or a personalized message, name or logo. {When creating your own Personalized Pool Ball Set, contact us prior to ordering to confirm your intended message} Each ball is carefully crafted to meet regulation size, but the ball is slightly lighter than regulation weight due to the resin type used to create each clear pool ball. The manufacturing process of the "clear" pool ball takes each ball through multiple stages where: first, each tab is placed in a "clear" ball; second, each ball is checked and assured that the ball is as round as possible; and third, the finishing process in which scratches are removed, and each ball polished to a high gloss finish. Finally, the most important step. The examination of each ball. In the final quality control, each clear billiard ball is hand inspected with a magnifying glass to check for impurities within the ball. Many high profile sports stars, authors, pro football players, even a couple of former astronauts, enjoy owning a personalized set of these unique clear pool balls.

  • Hobbit Clear Billiard Ball Sets are made of high quality resin
  • Each ball is precisely crafted to regulation size
  • Weight being 4.25 ounces, lighter than regulation
  • Gold Print Pool Balls
  • Clear Style Pool Balls