Diamond Pro-Am Pool Table with Ball Return


Brand Diamond

The Pro-Am by Diamond Billiards is a top choice for the most serious pool players across the globe. Being Diamond's highest grade commercial model table, the Pro-Am features an extremely quiet ball return system that boasts all of the same features and playability of the the Diamond Professional model. When it comes to playability, construction, materials and quality, the Pro-Am is unsurpassed in every aspect.

This pool table features a built in, 22 point leveling system which allows the installer to perfect the level down to .005 in./sq. ft. Being the first of it's design, a 1" thick, one-piece slate offered in 7', 8', and 9' models with the playability of a three-piece slate pool table. The Bi-Level pocket design and extremely fast and quiet ball return make for unbeatable play on a table that will last a lifetime. Respected by the world's numerous champions, the Pro-Am is sure to impress.

What's included with my Diamond Pro-Am?

The Pro-Am comes standard with Simonis 860 professional grade felt. It also comes suited with K55 Artemis cushion rubber, and a professional matching stain ball rack (below). We offer a number of different accessory options as can be seen below.

Delivery & Installation

Shipping may be available to a dock location near you. Pickup will need to be arranged from the freight location nearest you. Delivery & Installation options are also available for most locations in the Continental United States. Please contact us for more details.

Production Time

At Diamond Billiards, each pool table is custom made to your liking in Jeffersonville, IN. Manufacturing does not begin until the order is placed. Typically, the Pro-Am has a 10-12 week production time.

Accessory Options

The possibilities are endless when building a Diamond Pro-Am game room. We offer a number of standard accessory packages as well as custom packages. Take a look at your options above and let us know if you would like to build your own kit.

Protected Areas

Diamond now has agreements for protected areas with dealers across the nation. If you are not in our Metro-Atlanta area, it is possible you are in another dealer's area and will need to purchase the table through them. Please feel free to contact us for more details.