Deluxe Pool Ball Set


You need a pool ball set that is going to last and endure through countless hours of constant play. Not only should they be tough, but they should also be precisely round and balanced for a true roll. If you're looking for a consistent playing ball that is easy on the wallet, this is the set for you. Made from phenolic resin, a compound that the world's best pool balls are made from, these balls are high quality and meet regulation tournament standards. They measure the American standard size of 2 1/4" in diameter. Their high gloss finish is very durable and will make a great addition your pool table. This set does come padded and boxed and normally ships within one business day.

If you're looking for a red dot cue ball, you can upgrade this set to a red dot set for just $5. This red dot training cue ball is comparable to the Aramith Pro Cup Cue ball and allows you to see the spin or english put on the cue ball. Using this cue ball will improve your cue ball control and give you a better feel for the reaction of the cue ball to different speeds, spins and rebounds.