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Cuetec Cynergy 95-140GE Propel Jump Billiards Cue Stick - Ghost Edition


Brand Cuetec

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Designed and developed to provide the most effortless and dynamic jumping experience, each and every component of a Propel jump cue was engineered for out-of-this-world performance. Featuring an all-composite construction and weighing in at an ultralight 11 ounces with its weighted extension attached, Propel jump cues not only excel at both full-table and close proximity jumps, but provide tremendous accuracy and eliminate unintended side spin thanks to their oversize 13.9mm tip diameter. Packed with Carbon Fiber technology not only in the shaft but also the main handle, Propel jump cues transfer more energy than any other jump cue we have ever tested. Safe, just isn’t quite as safe when you have a Propel in your arsenal.

  • Manufactured By Cuetec (Model 95-140GE)
  • Designed for Jumping/Breaking
  • Available Weights: 11 oz. (Not Weight Adjustable)
  • Taom 2.0 Break/Jump Tip Tip (Hard)
  • Joint Type: 3/8×14 Cuetec Modified Joint (21.30mm)
  • Cynergy Carbon Fiber Composite Propel Jump Shaft
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Main Handle
  • Double Band Silver Accent Rings
  • Unique Ghost Edition Color Scheme
  • CT Joint Protectors
Cue Details:
  • Cue Type: Jumping/Breaking
  • Sections: Two-Piece
  • Grip/wrap: Wrapless Black Gloss
  • Joint type: 3/8×14 Cuetec Modified Joint (21.30mm)
  • Joint Protectors Included: Included
  • Not Weight Adjustable
  • Available weights: 11 oz.
  • Overall length: 58
  • Number of shafts: One
  • Shaft material: Carbon Fiber Composite
  • Shaft construction: Spliced
  • Shaft length: 29 in.
  • Shaft diameter: 13.9mm
  • Shaft taper: Pro Taper
  • Tip name: Taom 2.0 Break/Jump Tip
  • Tip hardness: Hard