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Cue It Up Cue Holder

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Hold your cues as well as your friends (up to 4 cues) with the new and improved Cue-It-Up Cue Holder! Available in multiple colors, this portable cue holder will clip to any surface up to 2 1/2" thick with a rubber strip which help the clip to stay firmly attached to the surface. The no-slip rubber indentions also keep the cues from sliding out of the intended spot and falling on the ground.

Are you suddenly in the mood for a little 9 ball? Just turn the Cue-It-Up over from it's 8 ball design and Bam! It's now a nine ball clip. The circular, non-slip indention in the handle also doubles as a cue ball holder. This new and improved version has some really great features including a higher tension no sharp edges to scratch your cues. In our opinion, the original design was great but this was seems even better!