Athena 13 Custom Pool Cue


Brand Athena

The Athena 13 Custom Pool Cue features a 12.5mm single layered Leather tip atop a Ivorene 3 ferrule. Beneath the ferrule is a 10 in. Pro taper, Hard Rock Maple, shaft. At the core is a Stainless Steel collar and Steel joint encasing a Steel 5/16x18 pin. Beneath the joint is a Athena designed Natural stained maple with Purple and Black Points with Purple Heart overlays and Black rings with a Silver ring inside forearm. The Black with White specks Irish Linen wrap accents the Natural stained maple with decorative Purple Heart encased by Black rings with thin Silver rings inside sleeve and Black Rubber bumper. The Athena 13 Custom Pool Cue is available in 17-21 oz.Plate is Black with Gold Athena emblem and a Brass ring at bottom with a threaded black rubber that unscrews so you can add the 10" extension.