Aramith Premium Pool Balls


Brand Aramith
  • Aramith Premium Belgian ball sets meet all professional quality specifications for density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, gloss, hardness and weight.
  • Aramith Belgian balls also have outstanding endurance through a hardened vitrified surface with an ultra-high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance.
  • New: Brand New, First Grade, In Manufacturer's Package
  • Aramith Premium Belgian Pool Balls Made In Belgium
  • High Production Standard - Precisely Round Within .0015 Tolerance
  • Minimal Table Cloth & Ball Wear Due To High Luster
  • Attractively Designed Oversized Stripes & Large Numbers
  • Aramith Logo Cue Ball
  • Manufactured By The Most High-Tech Resin Manufacturer In The World, Saluc, Under The Aramith Trade Name
  • Top Seller For Pool Rooms
  • Fade Resistant Colors
  • Ding & Chip Resistant
  • "Best Buy For Your Buck" Aramith Ball Set