Aramith Camouflage Pool Balls - Belgian Phenolic - Camo - SHIPS FAST!!!

$305.71 $244.57

Brand Aramith

Whether you are Military Personnel, outdoor/hunting enthusiast, or just enjoy camouflage, the Aramith Camouflage Pool ball set is ready for combat! With a modern camouflage design and numbers outlined in crosshairs, these Aramith Camouflage Pool Balls are on target!! The Best Pool Balls On The Market Technology Increases Ball Lifespan and Longevity By Up to 50%, 8 Times Longer Than Average Ball Hardened, Vitrified Surface Which Keeps Glossy Appearance Size: Regulation 2 1/4 in. (57. 15mm) Brand New: Unopened Most perfectly balanced pool balls in the world Minimal Cloth Wear Burn Marks Easily Attain A 40 Year Life In Residential Game Usage Manufactured Under The Aramith Trade Name By The Belgian Company, Saluc, Which Also Manufactures The Brunswick Centennial Pool Ball Sets Chosen By Professionals Across The Globe Due To Their Amazing Balance And Virtually Perfect Roundness Weight on-Fading Brilliant Colors, Chip Ding Resistant.