Aramith Black Pure Phenolic Pool Balls Regulation Belgian Made Billiard Ball Set


Brand Aramith

While anticipating the need to better discern the balls especially on small screen devices, Aramith developed the new Aramith Tournament BLACK set. This set features a light purple to replace orange and a lighter green to replace the darker one. As for the black design on the striped balls, it was first designed for the nine-ball game to better distinguish the 9-ball with the 1-ball. Featured on all striped balls it is an innovative and groundbreaking look.

  • 1 & 9 ball: yellow
  • 2 & 10 ball: dark blue
  • 3 & 11 ball: red
  • 4& 12 ball: pink
  • 5 & 13 ball: light purple
  • 6 & 14 ball: light green
  • 7 & 15 ball: light brown
  • 8 ball: black
  • Cue ball is ivory colored and features the Aramith logo with 6 black dots
  • All striped balls (9-15) feature black at the poles instead of the traditional ivory coloration