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Accu-Rack Template Set - Purple Haze


Brand Accu-Rack

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Limited Run "Purple Haze" Full Set of templates Solo, 9 and 10 flat packaged plus a 3 ball template and 2 Shark Skin Table Saver Break Circles. Proprietary Geometry and Material makes the Accu-Rack Solo, Pro10 and Diamond 9 the best templates on the market. Works with worn balls or new balls and on tables where racking is a problem due to wear or having been tapped in. Used at the Accu-Stats make it happen 8 Ball Invitational, Music City Open and the 2015, 2016 and 2017 US Open 9-Ball Championships, 2018 International and Big Foot, 2019 DCC Bigfoot and US Open. No more tragic racks where the wing ball is dead from anywhere or at any speed.

  • Number 1 Ball Rack Template On The Market
  • ‘Purple Haze’ Limited Run Design
  • Get A Perfectly Tight Rack Every Time
  • Includes Solo, Diamond 9 and Pro 10 Racks In Flat Packaging
  • Uses proprietary geometry and a polyester slurry coated materials so they can work where other templates have failed.