Really long day and a very rewarding day on the road today. It's not that often I get back out on the road with the guys anymore but I never get tired of it because of all of the personal relationships we are able to start with our customers. There is just something about being able to go to a customer's house, do some beautiful work for them on their pool table, and make a friend while you're there. First stop in Canton was a move on a nice 8' Beringer table that we have serviced since new. The owner remembered us and when she sold it to a new owner, she recommended he use us for the move. People remember quality work at a fair price. The new owner was an awesome gentleman that I really enjoyed getting to know. We get to meet ALL kinds of people and often it is a blessing to get to know them. That was certainly the case with this fella. His name is Robert Ballastros and he is a retired Marine. My being prior Navy gave us a common point of conversation. Come to find out, he is also a follower of Jesus Christ, so we definitely had plenty in common. He currently owns a landscaping company named Simply Beyond Expectations and I bet his work is just that. Everybody should get to meet upstanding people like we do! By the way, the crew and I left him with a great pool table for the kids and his family, leveled to within .005 inch/foot as we always do. He wants to get a new pool table light as well and assured me that Southern Billiards is his store of choice. Though we are 1.5 hours from his home, I suppose that if we can drive that far to complete the necessary work then he is willing to come to Loganville or order from our awesome site at After that job was complete it was on to Cues Billiards on Canton Hwy in Marietta to see my old friend Terry Stewart. We were there to recover all 12 of his 9' Kim Steel pool tables with 860 Simonis tournament green cloth. We were able to get a good jump on the job and finish in time for their APA league players to begin on time at 7:30. Again, something kind of cool as we covered the table today for a player who was celebrating his birthday today and he thanked us for doing "his" table in time for him to play on it as he celebrated with all his pool-playing friends. I just wish he would have offered us some of his birthday cake-it smelled fantastic. I should have a good story to tell tomorrow as we will continue working at Cues as well as picking up a very rare 12' Peter Vitalie snooker table while in Canton that will end up at Mr. Cues Billiards on Chamblee-Tucker Rd. Southern Billiards will remove the existing 12' antique T-rail table and install this much newer better designed table. If you want a 12'er for your home or business you could contact Rick Sweet at (770)454-7665. Really enjoying being able to hit the road this week with my guys and a big thanks goes out to my beautiful wife Cindy and my son and workers at the store for handling everything at the store including that phone that never stops ringing. Thank God. Like I say though, best job I ever had! Always remember, Jesus Loves Us!
October 29, 2014 by Scott Carpenter

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