This is definitely one of the most misunderstood aspects of completing a new gameroom.  You can refer to the room size chart on the website but let me clarify and address some of the most common misconceptions.

The problem that arises the most often is customers wanting to know and use the outside dimensions of the pool table to determine spacing in the room.  It really does not matter what dimensions the table will occupy on the outside edges as the balls can only roll on the inside dimension and I recommend a minimum of 60" around the table beyond that.  Many people like more space than that.  Always keep in mind to allow for any chairs, bar, etc.  

FYI the outside dimensions are going to be approximately 11" to 12" more on width and length than the play surface.       Play surface dimensions for the most common tables are as follows and includes several common terms for each:

Home 8, Small 8, Standard 8:                             44"X88"                         

Pro 8, Oversize 8, Stretch 8, 8 1/2:                    46"X92" 

9 footer, Tournament size, "Regulation size":    50"X100"

The term "regulation size" is a often misused term referring to a 9' table as all of these are regulation sizes as well as several other less common sizes.  Basically, any table with an inside dimension of twice the length as the width is a regulation size.  This allows for the "diamond system" to be correct and effective.

Another useful fact is the length of the cue sticks.  A standard one-piece house cue is 57" long and a standard two-piece cue is 58". Other short cues are available in the typical sizes of 52",48",42",and 36".  Keep in mind that on a shot where the cue ball is frozen to the rail and you are shooting straight across or down the table, you will have to elevate the butt of the cue a small amount to prevent a miscue.

At Southern Billiards you typically receive 4 cues with your purchase of a new or used table and while you can swap one of the cues or more for a shorter cue, I believe it's a better deal for the customer to keep the long cues and just purchase the short cues necessary.

Please call the shop with any questions.  Often we are able to send out a mechanic or myself to help you measure and determine the best size table for your room.

And always remember, Jesus Loves U! 

October 23, 2014 by Scott Carpenter

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