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If you don't have a clue, don't try to do

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Twice in the past week Southern Billiards has been called out to a customer's home with a work order to move their 3-piece slate pool table to a new location and found their table on its side in the room when we arrived.  It is a really bad idea to attempt to move a slate pool table of any type if you are not trained.  I suppose the most common really bad mistake is to try to move a 3-piece table while it is still  assembled.  You are pretty much guaranteed to do damage to the table and likely will never get the table out of the room, much less get it to the second house.  

I can assure you that it takes alot of experience and expertise to correctly repair and service pool tables.  At Southern Billiards each lead man is required to have at least 4 years training wilth Scott or Bryan Carpenter.  We want to assure that our technicians not only know the correct way to complete the work but that they know no other way.  Couple that with reasonable pricing, great customer service, and integrity and you have a service reputation that keeps us busy constantly.  We are glad to be there for you and your gameroom!  Thousands of pool tables are happy they have us to take care of them!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning your gameroom.  You are not bothering us, it's what we do.

Always smile and always remember, Jesus Loves Us!

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Pool table lighting

We receive several calls a day at Southern Billiards concerning lighting. First let me say that there have to be more options concerning lighting than any other gameroom item.  There are literally hundreds of options, from antique to rustic to elegant and all kinds of collegiate and theme lights.  If you are interested in a [...]

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Best job I ever had!

Really long day and a very rewarding day on the road today.  It's not that often I get back out on the road with the guys anymore but I never get tired of it because of all of the personal relationships we are able to start with our customers. There is just something about being [...]

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Pool table "felt"?

I had a recent request to explain the differences in pool table "felt" available now at Southern Billiards.  Pool table cloth  is certainly a widely misunderstood subject-so let's clarify some things.Pool table felt is not really felt even though it consists primarily of wool.  Billiard "fabric" or pool table "cloth" are really more correct terms. [...]

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Another awesome day at Southern Billiards!

Very long but incredibly rewarding day today out on the road!  Besides installing a beautiful Vitalie Peregrine pool table as a birthday gift for a young man I have known most of his life (Dad surprised him with a pool table for his birthday) we also were able to finish a really nice table for [...]

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How much room will I need around my new pool table?

This is definitely one of the most misunderstood aspects of completing a new gameroom.  You can refer to the room size chart on the website but let me clarify and address some of the most common misconceptions.The problem that arises the most often is customers wanting to know and use the outside dimensions of the [...]

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The best thing about being "on the road" in the pool table business

Let there be no doubt, the life of a pool table mechanic can certainly be trying.  Involving strenuous labor and often some very long hours, the job requires dedication and lots of training.  At Southern Billiards being tired or in a rush is no excuse for work that is not your very best.  It amazes [...]

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How long will the cushions be good on my pool table?

How long do the cushions last?  Good question.The replacement cushions installed by Southern Billiards are guaranteed for the life of the pool table and would include the parts and labor to replace.I'm assuming, however, that you are referring to the original cushions that were installed at the factory on your pool table. Pool table cushions are [...]

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Ping pong, anyone?

At Southern Billiards we've been telling our customers for years that one of the best ways to maximize your fun in your gameroom is to invest in a ping pong conversion top for your pool table.  Today we completed four pool table jobs/deliveries and three of the four purchased a top for their table.  My [...]

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Why a 3-piece slate pool table?

One of the most commonly asked questions about pool tables-why is a 3-piece table preferred over a single slate table?1) Almost all one-piece tables are undersized slate.  That means that the rail bolts that should come up through a hole in the slate and into a nut plate in the bottom of the rail in [...]

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